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By using high-mileage car drivers to carry a brand, OOH car advertising allows our clients to weave their message into the social fabric of the communities that are important to their business. With multi market national reach, WEAD has the partnership with more than

50 Cooperative Societies in Vietnam

(Hop Tac Xa Van Tai) which could provide more than

10.000 Vehicles.

These vehicles are ready to carry progressive brands to engage their target audience in ways that are: memorable, targeted & verifiable with data.

With thousands of drivers across the Vietnam, WEAD is the ideal solution for national advertising or campaigns with regional creative.

Groundbreaking Technology

Anonymized data sources (GPS, cell, traffic) are leveraged to calculate impressions in real time, making it the most reliable out of home media available.

Efficient CPMs

Brands only pay for impressions in their geo-fenced campaign zone. Typical WEAD campaigns are less than 20.000VND/CPM.


Marketers and media buyers can track their campaign in real time through the WEAD dashboard.


Each Day hundreds of drivers from around Vietnam are willing work for the Brand. In essence, riding around with a brand they support and having their commute pay for itself

Assembling a Campaign

WEAD starts by understanding the specific geographic location where our client needs exposure. This can be as broad as obtaining a high GRP rating within multiple DMAs, or as specific as covering a section of a particular city. Using our patent-pending algorithm, we pair our partnering brand with WEAD who drive in that targeted area.

Quality control

Before any cars are wrapped, WEAD runs all matched drivers through the following four-point quality check. Our strict standards ensure the highest degree of brand image control for our clients.

Selecting Creative

All materials used are Grade-A 3M vinyl decals, gloss laminated and manufactured to last 3 – 6 months. Our professional wrap team installs and removes all decals in-house. Additionally, WEAD offers a full service approach including graphic design of the car decals (if preferred by client).

Campaign Initiation

Using a pre-determined start date, WEAD will wrap and mobilize all of the campaigning WEAD. By driving within the specified targeted geographic area WEAD will promote a brand’s message as they go about their daily travels. Our guarantee to our clients, is that every car in their campaign will drive at least 1000 km/per month and generate 110,000 – 200,000 impressions per month.

Data Analytics

To verify the performance of all drivers in a campaign, WEAD provides an analytics platform that reports on the locations, mileage and impressions for the extent of the client’s campaign. Following a set timetable, WEAD distributes Proof of Wrap and monthly analytics reports for our clients.

Add on Functions

  • SWARM A Swarm of WEAD vehicles gather at one location at a specified time—a brand moment that is impossible to ignore
  • LEAFLET HOLDER The brand also could use WEAD vehicles as the leaflet delivery channel, which could pass around the key massage of the Brand to the target customers